Mating has taken place the 2/3-2018 between
Bielkersmils Karelin of Nallo
Reg: SE47033/2013
Hips: A
Eyes: Clear
Weight: 25kg
Height: 58cm
  PDP SE(Polar)Ch Bielkersmils Corona of Allsvinn
Reg: S 4603/2009
Hips: A
Eyes: Clear
Weight: 22kg
Height: 54cm
About Charlie: Charlie has only competed a few times, but he has made very good results on race competitions.

He works very hard as wheeldog. His main merit in races is
WM- silver at Polardistance 160km this year where he went in the same team as Corona as wheeldog.

Charlie is a lighter type of male with very good temperament, excellent movements, good pigment, paws and coat. He has never been ill or injured.

Charlie loves to be cuddled, easy-to-handle and likes to play.
  About Corona: Corona is one of our four silver medalists in the World Cup at Polardistance 160km pulka style 2018.

She is one of our best bitches and has been an excellent lead dog since she was 1.5 years old and still is in the lead for our best team. She has been very successful in the show ring (she only lacks one CAC to become a Swedish show champion) and in many race competitions, both sprint, medium and long distance. She went in lead for the team who managed 30 km in less than 2 hours. She has participated in Polardistans 160, four times, won three times, and this year she was in lead of the Samoyed team who beat both Siberian husky and Greenland dogs and was awarded WM- silver.

The best polar distance 160 she has performed was at 15h 27min. She has also performed the Amundsen race 300km.

Corona is a very easy handled bitch, she has never been ill or injured, she has excellent movement, excellent coat, good pigment paws and ears. She is cuddly and loves all people.
Bielkersmils Karelin of Nallo PDP S(Polar)CH SEUCH
Kannibalen's Karloff of Illusion
PDP S(Polar)CH
Happy White Dream's Fadejev
Kannibalen's Illusion of Zorna
Bielkersmils Delta of Ilya
Polarullens Ilya-Bruin
Bivvilis Eminha Of My Bluf
Bielkersmils Corona of Allsvinn
Svartisens Allsvinn
Sun Master's Hot-Stuff
Mamuska's Fabulous Snowqueen
Great Jamarofs Manka
Hyttmyran's Jamarof Jole Sazhow
Great Geroj Marusja
Mating has taken place the 25/2-2018 between
Sun Master's Ring of Fire
Reg: SE34590/2015  (registrated and x-ray in Norway)
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear
Height: 60cm
Weight:  28kg
  Pdp Bielkersmils Kalla of Nallo
Reg: SE47034/2013
Hips: A
Eyes: Clear
Height: 51cm
Weight: 19kg
About Otis: Otis is a big male, measuring 60 cm in height and 28kg in weight. Otis is a playful, responsive and easy going boy.

He gladly takes on new challenges and loves to work: mentally, as well as physically. He has a gentle, very loving and confident personality.

He has not spent much time in show rings but started his career great with an “Excellent” and “CQ”. Otis lives outside Lillehammer i Norway and he and his mum goes ski joering a couple of times every week wich he seems to enjoy.
  About Kalla: Kalla is a little pretty, very well-built, proportional, energetic and responsive bitch. She loves to be cuddled and to work in front of a sled, wagon or bike.

Her motion is excellent she has good paws, coat and pigment. She has never been injured or ill. She is not exhibited.

Her father (pdp, SEUCH; SE (Polar) CH Cannibal's Karloff of Illusion) is Swedish show champion and Swedish Polardogchampion and her mother (pdp, SE (Polar) CH Bielkersmils Delta of Ilya) is also a Swedish Polardogchampion.
Sun Master's Ring Of Fire C.I.B. DK UCH NO UCH VDH CH
Cottonballs' Express
Sammantic Prokofieff
Cottonballs' Cherry Pie Of Marquis
Sun Master's We Got The Look Deejasome Eller Inte
Sun Master's Back To Basic
Bielkersmils Kalla of Nallo
Kannibalen's Karloff of Illusion
PDP S(Polar)CH
Happy White Dream's Fadejev
Kannibalen's Illusion of Zorna
Bielkersmils Delta of Ilya
Polarullens Ilya-Bruin
Bivvilis Eminha Of My Bluf

Information for you who are thinking about buying a puppy from us

If you are planning to buy a puppy from us you need to

  • be aware that the samoyed is a working dog who needs physical excercise to feel good. This excercise could be for example sledging, agility, tracking or obidience. The important is that the dog is activated in a way that makes it tired.
  • be a person who likes to stay in the nature along with your dog, no matter what the weather is like.
  • be aware that the samoyed is a very social dog who doesn't feel good to be left alone for a long time.
  • be aware that the samoyed is a very beautiful dog which is easy to fall for. Don't let yourself be fooled by the looks without beeing well aware of the other properties.

Naturally we follow the rules of SKK (swedish kennel association) and also the recommendations from the Swedish Polardog association according breed.This means, for example, that the puppies will be delivered at the age of eight weeks at the earliest. At this time they will be dewormed several times, marked with a chip, vaccinated, checked by a veterinary and registrated in SKK.

At the delivery the puppy is newly washed, the claws are cut and it is newly dewormed. You will have a leash and a collar, a chewing bone, some food and a booklet with short history and advice how to take care of your puppy.

To buy a puppy from us means that you can contact us for help and advice as long as the dog is alive. We will be happy to help you. We also like to keep in touch with you since we are very interested to know how the puppy will develop. We will be very happy to recieve pictures of the puppy and the adult dog from you. If you would like to visit us we' d like to welcome you.

If you buy a puppy from us we'd like you to have your puppy's hips X-rayed and the eyes checked at the age of 18-24 months.
We'd also like you to be active with your dog and that the dog will spend as much time as possible with you.

If you're interested you're welcome to send an e-mail bielkersmil@gmail.com or cal +46 70 0405267 . Our policy is not to let anyone reserve a puppy by e-mail, we also want to talk to you over the phone and, if possible, we'd like you to visit the puppy some week before delivery.

The puppies are insured for three years against birth desase.