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We, that is me, Christina and my husband Håkan live together with our sixteen samoyeds in Jonsbyn which is a small village in the country about 40 km north of Karlstad in Värmland.

We bought the two first samoyeds in the summer 2004 (Sarek and Nallo). The next year we bought two more (Sälka and Singi) and 2006 even two more (Spira and Allak). Then we started a kennel and in 2007 we had our first own litter. They were born on the first of June 2007. It was one male and four females. You can se about them under Litters. The following year we have had 1-2 litters and keep at least two puppies in each. The samoyed is a pack dog that loves to have a friend in the same age to play with.

Our kennel name is due to that bielker means white dog in russian and that the samoyeds have their famous smile.

The samoyed was really the correct choice for us.  A samoyed is a friend who willingly goes for a long walk or a jogging tour. It likes to pull a sledge or a bike and loves to go with you everywhere you go. It is a happy, beautiful and healthy dog. The samoyed can function as a family-dog as well as a sled-dog, show- or obedience-dog. The only thing that is not right for a Samoyed is to be inactive since it requires a great deal of both mental and physical activity.

In our breeding we seek to save the samoyed as a healthy and good working dog.
Therefore we only breed on dogs who are both physically and mentally healthy.

Every day we take our dogs for walks or jogging tours and several days a week we go for long walks in the woods or sled-tours depending on the season. During daytime as we go to work our dogs are in the dog yard.